Descripción del curso


This course is for students who have had no previous background in Spanish. Grammar is taught inductively and simple texts are read. Speaking, reading and writing are emphasized.

This course offers students an opportunity to enhance their Spanish reading, writing, speaking and comprehension skills through active class use of vocabulary and grammar. The course’s balanced, four-skills approach endeavors to prepare students to use the language in a natural way for communication in a variety of situations. It emphasizes the use of language for oral communication without neglecting the other basic language skills.

This class will use reading and writing activities to extend students’ grasp of vocabulary and grammatical structures and to further their comprehension of and ability to express themselves in Spanish. Activities will be largely devoted to providing practice through form-based and communicative activities.

Download the course syllabus here: SPN105


You will receive an invitation via email to join the course group. You must enroll using your university email (the one on CUNYFirst), so please make sure you have activated this account.

You will also need to make an account on the CUNY Commons via this link. All your work for the semester will be posted from this profile, so please pick a username that lets us know who you are.


All course materials are organized into “lecciones” that you will access from the navigation bar above. In addition, you will add posts to the class blog, record voicethreads, and comment other students’ work.