En esta página compartimos artículos, videos y frases interesantes.  Dejamos un comentario a la página y lo discutimos en clase.

This is a space to share fun articles, videos, or phrases that you find. Leave them as a comment on this page and we will discuss them in class.




5 thoughts on “Curiosidades

  1. Spanish Slang Words From México
    ¿ Qué Huele? — What’s up?
    Fresa — Preppie/snob/spoiled brat.
    Aguas — Watch out!
    Chido — cool.
    Qué padre — That’s tight.
    Güey — Dude (sometimes pejorative)
    Mande — What did you say? / Pardon me.
    ¡ Chale! — Give me a break!

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